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The items presented on this website may be confronting for those who are unfamiliar with the nature and make up of German 3 rd Reich artefacts. If it is not your intention to look at such items, please do not visit our website.

Janssen-Militaria likes to express that the items offered on this website do not in any way represent the political views or intentions of the company but are offered solely as items of historical interest and importance. We reject any use of 3 rd Reich items for promotion of political views or for propaganda purpose.

All Third Reich related German items on this website are sold under the condition that these shall only be used for purposes of historical research, study or collections, dealing with this gruesome episode of history. By buying any such items at our website, clients commit themselves to use these for these purposes only.

Of special interest for the German visitors of our website are the sections §86/86a of the German Law regarding importing 3 rd Reich artefacts into Germany.

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